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Tony Attwood and Wenn Lawson in Cardiff

posted 26 Feb 2015, 14:12 by NAS CardiffVale   [ updated 26 Feb 2015, 14:13 ]

Upcoming Conference in May 

Autistic Intelligence presents:

Tony Attwood and Wenn Lawson
The Cardiff What Works in Autism Conference
May 11th
The National Museum Cardiff

Autistic Intelligence, is delighted to announce that Tony Attwood, the world expert in Asperger’s Syndrome, together with Dr Wenn Lawson, who is an internationally renowned speaker and writer, and is on the autism spectrum, are coming from Australia to the UK. They have agreed to present at a conference in Cardiff on May 11th. This will be the first time in several years that either of them have presented in Wales, and we’re all excited by the prospect, especially as it will be in such a prestigious and beautiful venue.

Full details of this conference, the programme, and background details, prices of seats, and an online ticket-buying facility are available on our website.
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